iOS Apps

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Freelance project: Maintenance and new features on the iOS app of Edencast app. This news and podcasts app gives information about devices and apps accessibility for visually impaired users.

Some of the work that has been done on the app:

  • removing old technical debts and rewriting a mix of Swift 3 and Objective C to Swift 5
  • podcast playback controls on the lock screen
  • support for new Apple devices without a home button and iOS 12
  • replying to a specific comment from the app

This app is available on the AppStore.

Tic Tac Toe game based on an article on Math With Bad Drawings. Started in 2013 to have some game to play while hiking in Canada the game has been completely rewritten in Swift in 2018. It offers the possibility to play with friends over Bluetooth or Wifi, or using the GameCenter. A basic AI has been implemented for solo games.

Freelance project: Lead iOS dev, specification and development of new features in coordination with backend developers and designers to the Washos app, allowing its users to book on demand carwash in Los Angeles.

The following features were added (non-exhaustive list):

  • favorite detailers selection while making a booking
  • reworked the booking flow from scratch to support multiple cars in a booking
  • smart cars support for an easier carwash (the detailers can open the car from their own apps)
  • automated UI tests by simulating user intercations
  • automated app screenshots for fast AppStore iterations
  • iPhone X support
  • removing old technical debts

An equivalent Android app has also been created from scratch.

This app isavailable on the AppStore but only useful in Los Angeles.

SaneScanner allows you to connect wirelessly to your SANE server, configure your device and scan a document on your iPhone or iPad!

How to use SaneScanner:

  • add the hostname or IP address of your SANE server
  • tap the device you wish to use
  • scan!

Scanned documents can be saved to the iOS Camera Roll and shared via apps available on your device!

This app is available on the AppStore

EDIT: recently pulled the app from the AppStore because the GPL licence used by SANE is not compatible.

You can access the source code on GitHub

Freelance project: creating a live TV and VOD app for Aldo Maru in Indonesia. Made with the people of Veygo, société spécialisée dans la diffusion de contenus vidéos sécurisés sur internet.

The app interfaces with the Veygo Intelligence Platform (VIP), dedicated to managing the content (encoding, storing, delivery, CMS) and the users, and uses the VIP SDK for analytics and securely playing the app content.

The app offers the following features:

  • watch live TV
  • Live TV channels sorted by categories
  • access to a lot of VOD content
  • favoriting live TV channels and VOD content
  • parental control to protect VOD content
  • available in English and Indonesian

This app is not yet available on the App Store.

Freelance project: mobile lessons planning for INPulse Studio giving easy access to the following features:

  • full planning
  • adding lessons to favorites
  • details page for all lessons
  • morning reminder: never forget your sport clothes
  • first lesson reminder: always arrive on time
  • available in English and French

This app is available on the AppStore

Freelance project: building a mobile-first social network with a Californian startup.

Each user can discover posts from users around him or explore the most popular posts everywhere. Users are not anonymous and thus allows everyone to be enjoy comments of real people of their area. Try it for yourself and become a star in your city!

EDIT: This app is no longer available on the AppStore

Freelance project: iOS app development for Planorama, startup creating software for product sells management.

Clients employees use the app to take pictures of shelves exposing products of their company in local stores and obtain relevant statistics in return. This has been made possible by Planorama’s picture analysis server and its REST APIs. Main features:

  • store checks creation
  • taking pictures and sending them along with comments
  • adding, removing, deleting pictures
  • user aid for panorama shooting
  • receive important resulats
  • access to previous store checks
  • store geolocation (only iOS at the time)

PhoneBook includes the following features :

  • group creation/modification/deletion
  • nested groups
  • smart groups
  • group emoji icon (using SYEmojiPopover, see iOS Libs)
  • adding multiple persons at once in a group
  • texting a group
  • mailing a group

It is not on the App Store but you can discover it bellow. If you want to obtain the sources or some insights feel free to ask!

App creation for a sport event photographer. After each event a notification alerts the user that pictures are available, letting him select the ones he like and order prints.

The project finally evolved towards a mobile-friendly website (see Software).