Open Source

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Logiciels et outils
  • dvkch/Online

    App to know if a website is up or not

     Objective-C     4     2
  • dvkch/Keys

    Determine which keys are pressed on your keyboard

  • dvkch/TranscriptToSRT

    Quick conversion tool from Youtube downloaded transcript XML files to SRT subtitles

     Objective-C     1
  • dvkch/SimpleTranslationTools

    Collection of tools to easily find strings to translate in Objective-C source code

  • dvkch/SYConfigurableVariable

    This Xcode plugin allows you to define build variables that you will be able to define easily via the Edit menu in Xcode

     Objective-C     8
  • dvkch/SYXcodeIconVersion

    This Xcode plugin shows Xcode app version in the Dock and App Switcher icon

     Objective-C     95     6
Libraires iOS
  • dvkch/SYPictureMetadata

    Read/write EXIF and other metadata

     Swift     41     2
  • dvkch/SYEmailHelper

    Easy way to detect installed email clients and allow the user to choose one when sending an email

     Swift     1     2
  • dvkch/SYProxy

    NSURLProtocol subclass to implement in-app proxying

     Objective-C     1     1
  • dvkch/SYSegmentedControl

    Custom UISegmentedControl for iOS and tvOS

     Objective-C     2     1
  • dvkch/SYPair

    Pair object for Objective C

  • dvkch/SYKit

    UIKit and Foundation tools

     Swift     1
  • dvkch/SYOperationQueue

    An operation queue subclass that allows LIFO style queuing and a max number of operations

     Objective-C     2     1
  • dvkch/SYLanguage

    Switch interface language at runtime

     Objective-C     1
  • dvkch/SYImageColorTools

    It's always a hassle to get pixel information of an UIImage. Let's remedy that!

     Objective-C     6     2
  • dvkch/SYLogRedirect

    Log redirect tool

  • dvkch/SYEmojiPopover

    Popover view to select emoji character from iOS 5+ possible characters.

     Objective-C     48     17
  • mariohahn/MHVideoPhotoGallery

    A Photo and Video Gallery

     Objective-C     1991     376
  • hwaxxer/MHWDirectoryWatcher

    A lightweight class for monitoring a directory for changes on iOS.

     Objective-C     84     12
  • IFTTT/JazzHands

    A simple keyframe-based animation framework for UIKit. Perfect for scrolling app intros.

     Objective-C     6468     695
  • xmartlabs/XLForm

    XLForm is the most flexible and powerful iOS library to create dynamic table-view forms. Fully compatible with Swift & Obj-C.

     Objective-C     5722     971
  • cobook/facebook-osx-sdk

    Modified FB iOS SDK to be used in OSX apps

     Objective-C     10     2
  • jeyben/IOSLinkedInAPI

    Simple and non intrusive library to get access tokens for LinkedIn using Oauth2.

     Objective-C     222     152